Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our Little Herb Garden

Once upon a time before I was married and still living at home, I had a little potted herb garden on the back deck. It was the first time I managed to keep any plants alive. (You've heard of a green thumb? I have a black thumb.) But sadly, my little herbs became a free salad bar for a local raccoon family.

Fast forward a few years (OK, more than a few). The girls and I went shopping at our local Fred Meyer and parked near the garden section. We detoured through the flowers so Maddie could ooh and aah and stick her fingers in the water fountains. We passed a little display of potted herbs and on a whim we picked out a few to take home. I love to cook; how fun would it be to incorporate my own fresh herbs in some yummy dishes?

Maddie was so excited to have our own garden and on the way home she chattered excitedly about how the plants will grow. Currently at our house we only have grass and shrubs and a grape vine that aspires to take over the world, one carport at a time. Once home we put the little one down for a nap and took ourselves and our plants and all the planting paraphernalia to the back deck. Maddie had a blast planting and watering our six little herbs and checks on them every day.

I'm blogging this to keep me accountable. As stated, I am a plant killer. I am hopeful this will help me remember to water those darn things once in a while (of course, Maddie is a big help, too). Only time will tell if our herbs thrive or if I will once again commit botanical homicide.

Anything involving dirt can't be all bad.



  1. I, too, have a black thumb. Good luck!!


  2. *lol* I have a black thumb too! haha!

  3. I love you.

    Aaand I just spent embarrassing amounts of money at a gardener's paradise up in Woodinville. My new deck is going to be a fairyland of plants and herbs and strawberries... but no, I am NOT domesticating.


  4. How fun!!! I have yet to put a garden or deck pots in at our house. I keep on telling myself "next year".

  5. Super Cute. Wishing your herbs the best!

  6. You are certainly not alone Beka when it comes to gardening thing. I too am a bit challenged in that area. Wishing you the best with your herbs and heres to many yummy dishes as a result. :)

  7. This sounds like so much fun! :)
    You're not alone with having a black thumb!
    I have a plant on my desk at work... and oh my... let's just say that's it's struggling to hold on for it's dear life. LoL... I can never tell if i'm watering it too much or not enough! Haha... But I try!
    Keep us posted on your herb garden... and feel free to pass on any tips! I'm know I can definitely use plenty of help!

  8. the great thing about herbs as that you're supposed to kill them and eat them! :) LOL Have fun with them and if they start to go south, just start cooking :)