Monday, June 7, 2010

Our Little Herb Garden - Part 2

Hey there,
you may be wondering why a post about my little herb garden has a picture of a bowl of soup. Well, look closely, ladies and gentlemen. See those two little green leaves in the center of that steaming bowl of soup? Those are my very own basil leaves from my very own little herb garden. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, go here. I know. It's a miracle. I haven't killed those poor little plants yet.

This is the first of what I hope to be many guest appearances on this blog by my little herbs.  The soup is my first attempt at from-scratch Tomato-Basil-Garlic Soup and tonight's test subject (AKA husband) seemed to enjoy it. I personally don't care for canned tomato soup or tomatoes in general, but as tomato soups go, it wasn't too bad (if I do say so myself). I wish I could tell you I was able to use lots of fresh basil leaves from my garden. The sad truth is, though my herbs haven't died, the basil is not exactly flourishing under my care. The other herbs seem to have a stronger survival instinct. It's a little ironic, since the basil was the one herb I was most interested in cultivating. Oh, well. At least I have a garnish.

For anyone interested, I used this recipe for the soup. My only change was to add some minced garlic.

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  1. Beka, this looks yummy! I'm not usually a fan of tomato soup either- only have it with grilled cheese. However, I haven't ever had something you made that I didn't like....I still think it's funny how similar our taste palettes are. ;)

    Way to go on the herbs!

  2. I love tomato soup and this looks fabulous! I must try it. Thanks for sharing Beka. :)